PUSH Her Embassadors Team

Pearl Adame, F.O.S.R.

A media syndicated radio station across the globe. We provide radio promotions and advertisements, spotlights for Indie radio, street team promotions, news and weather, and concert details. 

Under Ground Girls Of Hip Hop

The Underground Girls of Hip Hop are in full  support and honoring of the females in Hip Hop  and happy to support & collaborate with the Push Her Movement.

Rita Forte, The Olive Street Agency


The Olive Street Agency

We work to tell stories & get great messages out via: 💻 Digital Marketing 👕 Merchandising ♬ Music/Talent Management & Booking 

Grandmothers United, YGC

Grandmothers United is the home of the Young Grandmothers Club and has a mission to unite and inspire grandmothers bridging the gap and promoting wellness and unity in the community.

Stacey De Polo, Technology Advocacy

How to use technology to build your brand (I can cover any aspect you like, thinking I’ll provide the most value on the live broadcasting revolution, how people can benefit, build influence, and better understand it's value.

Fog Line Grill & Bar, Hayward, CA

The Fogline Bar & Grill was recently  presented on Bar Rescue Reality Show and is one of the leading entertainment spots in Hayward with a longterm presence as a historical location. 

Suga-T First Lady, Visionary

Suga-T holds a Guinness friendly record of the biggest brother and sister multi-platinum rap duo ever in history with the Legendary E40, titled “Sprinkle Me.” She continues to carve her historical stamp in music as The First Lady of her many times platinum group "The Click."

Jimmy Niel, PUSH Her Supporter

God Father motor bike is an organization that supports community movements that change lives and has been a supporter of the female and social movement with a stellar reputation for his contributions and awards. 

Hugo Afinistar, Media Business

We create compelling marketing olutions by working hard, designing smart, and producing creatively. We work tirelessly to keep your branding, communications, & marketing well out in front. 

Wolly G

A promotional company that have been providing viral, grassroots level promotions at a high level capacity  for the past twenty five years.

Tezlyn Figaro

 Tezlyn Figaro specializes in public relations, community outreach, public policy, legislative affairs, political strategy and communications in national, regional & local print, television and radio platforms 

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