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About PUSH (Her) Network

Professional United SisterHood

The PUSH (Her) Network is an organization that empowers, unites and inspires females. Our objective is to create a safe platform for females to showcase and develop their talents, while empowering them with the tools to be leaders and well within their whole self. The PUSH (Her) Network also provides services, resources, education and awareness  as an offering to create a healthier balance in their lives,. We also celebrate the existence of females in the mostly male favored industries, bridging the gap and helping them to stay inspired. 

The PUSH (Her) Network was found by many times gold and platinum Hip Hop Legend "SUGA-T" Stevens, MA, Entrepreneur, Author, Vision Coach , who also  helped paved the way for females in Hip Hop today.  "SUGA-T" Stevens put together a collaboration of other female influencers who are leading ladies in their industries with the same interest of the wellness, poverty and safety of females and committed to helping other females win and be well, while promoting well communities.

PUSH (Her) Objective


Pushing, uniting & inspiring females empowering them with the tools and motivation to be well and win at what they do, while promotng a well community.

Providing A Safe Platform For Females

Helping the showcasing and development of their gifts and talents, while promoting the wellness of their whole self and encouraging females to PUSH other females.

Providing Service, Resources And Education

Intervening between poverty while bringing more support, empowerment and information to females in the mostly male dominated industries giving them a better chance to win at what they do.

Help Our Cause-PUSH Her

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will help fund our mission and support towards little girls with autism.

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Why We Matter

Empowering Females

Empowering females with a venue to showcase and explore their talents and gifts.

Coaching & Development

Educating females with effective solutions to help them combat barriers in their life and careers.

Keeping Females Well

Keeping females well and safe, while promoting the wellness of the whole self and leadership.

PUSH Theme Song

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Better yet, purchase a PUSH (Her) Essential and help us empower girls with Autism!

We love what we do, so feel free to visit the website and share it with others at any time. We look forward to empowering you to PUSH!

PUSH Network (Her)-Professional United Sisterhood

4430 Telegraph Ave Suite 142, Oakland, CA 94609, US

Ph. (888) 436-0574 ----- Em. PUSHHerNetwork@gmail.com


Monday - Friday: 24/7 Movement

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed